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Hi I’m Mark, a Certified Welder and Instructor. I’ve spent couple of years exploring and using Welding Products such as Best Welders, and I’ve compiled a buying guides that helps you in buying Welding Gear.


Heliarc Welding
Welding Trends Learning Center
Steve Smith

What is heliarc welding?

Heliarc welding is arc welding that uses an inert gas to shield the weld area from contamination. This type of

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Can Aluminum Be Soldered
Welding Trends Learning Center
Mark Smith

Can aluminum be soldered?

Yes, aluminum can be soldered, but the process is a bit more complicated than soldering other metals. To solder aluminum,

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Can You Solder Copper
Welding Trends Learning Center
Mark Smith

Can you solder copper?

Have you ever wanted to know how to solder copper? It’s a really useful skill to have, especially if you’re

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Can you sand epoxy
Welding Trends Learning Center
Travis Clark

Can you sand epoxy?

In a perfect world, we would never have to deal with anything other than a perfectly smooth surface. However, in

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