Primeweld TIG225x Review [Features, Specifications & Responsibilities]

Hmm… so it seems like you are scrolling your search results to find the perfect TIG welder stick to level up your welding game. Well, if yes, then the prime weld TIG225x is the perfect product you should invest in. When it comes to features and price range, it is the most impressive stick welder seen in this category.

However, you might know that PrimeWeld is famous for its latest technical devices in the welding industry. Not only this, the model 225x has become famous for its undeniable specifications among welders. This all-rounder AC/DC TIG welder is the perfect addition to your various welding kit.

Besides, the model is topped up with modern technologies like IGBT to give an edge against simple transformer machines. Moreover, if you are interested to know what this modern machinery has to offer you, then keep on reading this prime weld TIG225x review.

So, without any delay, lets’ jump directly into the details of the product:

Primeweld TIG225x Welder Review

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  • Product Weight: 90 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 24 x 19 x 12 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Duel input-110 – 220V at AC.
  • IGBT technology and Power module strength.
  • Advanced Inverter Technology with PWM

This piece of modern technology, AKA prime weld 225x, comes with an advanced and adaptable blend of features available on AC/DC TIG welders in an exact price range.

The inverter-based machine offers high frequency that starts with PWM (pulse width modulation) to deliver a pulse ratio of 10/90 from 10 – 225 amps, an incredibly competent amperage rate among the same products.

Alongside, the device offers the smooth TIG welder ability with the help of a 200 Hz pulse frequency. Not only this, it offers a 100% duty cycle at 108 amps for continuous welding projects. Therefore do not worry about the extensive project when you have prime weld 225x.

Moreover, you can continuously weld 1/8 inch of metal at a 40% percent duty cycle at a complete power rating.

In addition, this TIG welder comes with a roper ventilation box, so there is nothing to worry about overheating for ongoing projects. The metal bars at the top let it carry easily whereas, the rubber feet keep the machine in place. Another good thing about 225x is that all the connectors are marked clearly for the ease of users.

Besides all these abilities, TIG 225x is a dual cable and offers versatility with various striking features at the front panel. While the correct combination of settings can lead you to a beautiful and smooth welding experience, you could ever have. Just like 225 amps can help you weld half-inch metal plate whereas, ten amps can go beyond 20 gauge sheet metal.

However, most welders go crazy about the welding quality of this machine. Also, the brand has guaranteed three years of warranty for the TIG 225x AC/DC model. The customers have reported the excellent packaging and services throughout the USA.

In addition to it, the product is shipped with the regulator, foot control panel, the loved C17 American torch, and all the necessary accessories.


  • Hand torch control
  • Welding heat control
  • Can weld different metals
  • Easily weld 6013 and 7018 rods


  • Complicated for beginners
  • Nothing to explain features

Who Should Use Primeweld TIG225x?

So, after reading the overview, you might be wondering who should use prime weld TIG 225x? It can be used by both whether a professional or a hobbyist welder. In short, it can be used by anyone who is looking to level up their welding experience.

However, the experts concluded that it could be used by DIYers who work occasionally but hunting for a professional machine. Also, the device would perform well for professionals as their versatile backup unit.

What Sets TIG225X Apart From Its Competitors?

TIG 225X is a combination of certain modern technologies, which sets it apart from its competitors. We have discussed some of the primary reasons below:

  1. IGBT Technology: The device uses IGBT technology which indeed marks it different from its competitors. Also, this modern aged automation is highly reliable than the simple transformer-based welders.
  2. PWM Technology: PWM is Pulse Width Modulation technology that manages the penetration depth to offer the perfect arc every time. It offers a vast range of amperage among the same category of welders.
  3. High Pulse Rate: The 200Hz of frequency is meant to be the highest pulse rate offered by the device without causing any damage to the welding project.
  4. HF Start Hand Torch: Last but not the least, HF start hand torch makes the device safer to use and makes it stand out among the rest.

6 Major Reliabilities Of Primeweld TIG225x

While prime weld TIG 225x is quite reliable, it has become the most rated device by the welders. Here are some of the highlights of the products..

1. Full Spectrum Adjustment:

According to many welders, full-spectrum adjustment is one of the best features. This fantastic feature lets you tune your arc characteristics your way.

Therefore, from managing the penetration to striking the arc, the welders have their control. Alongside, full control over the machine would lead to smooth welding every time.  Isn’t it amazing?

2. AC-DC TIG Welding Function:

Well, TIG 225x offers beyond expectations. The model comes with both AC and DC modes to solve your problems. However, both the modes are super unique and provide excellent performance.

Also, the modes can be inter-converted anytime hassle-free and conveniently just by pushing a switch. So, what are you guys waiting for?

3. DC Stick Welding Mode For Fast Action:

We appreciate the brand here for including the DC stick mode for those looking for fineness in their welding projects. Also, if you want to save shielding gas costs, switch on to DC mode. It helps you weld any ½ inch metal at 108 amps without any hassle.

4. Well-Thought Design with Exceptional Build Quality:

The product is designed especially for welders while keeping the surrounding environment in mind. Just like other PrimeWeld products, the TIG 225x is rugged, reliable, and well-built for use. Due to its exceptional built quality, the product can undergo harsh conditions without any problem.

5. Torch And Other Additional Accessories:

So, we cannot resist mentioning that the machine comes with CK 17 worldwide known super flex torch. It also includes other accessories like super flex CK hose, USA-made connectors, and all the essentials a beginner welder would need.

Moreover, these essentials are shipped carefully in the drop-proof bag by Prime Weld, which just gained our reliability towards the brand.

6. Price And Customer Services:

Well, if we come to the price area, then it might not be cliché to say that you need 1000$ to have this product shipped at your place.

However, customer services are just the next level exceptional case with the brand. They have been reported to provide excellent customer services. The brand makes sure to please its customers.

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FAQs about primeweld tIG 225x Welder

We hope that the review had cleared the bulk of confusion from your head, but still, here are some of the frequently asked questions which we are addressing below:

Q: Does TIG225X Have Any Certification?

Answer: Yes! The product has been certified from ISO- 9000, CSA CCC, and CE. These well-known certifications have strengthened the customer’s faith and belief in the product.

Is It Possible To Attach A Water Cooler To It?

Answer: Well, the TIG 225x comes with the super flex CK 17 torch. You can upgrade your machine with CK 20 ⸻ water-cooled torch and then attach a water cooler to it.

While it is advised not to run the water cooler torch dry, it might heat up and burn the internal seal.

What Are The Electrical Requirements For This Model?

Answer: If you are looking to use the unit at its full potential, it would require a 50 amp service wire and the breaker. These requirements are essential, especially for running the item on a stick or AC aluminum at 225 amps.

Can It Be Used For Metals Like Aluminum And Other Thin Metals?

Answer: Yes, the TIG 225x can be used for thin metals like aluminum or stainless steel without any hassle. However, you might need to adjust the settings before welding. And Primeweld TIG 225X welder is best for automotive as well.

Final Verdict about this Product:-

Lastly, we have tried to put all the related information about prime weld TIG 225x in one spot for your ease. While dealing with it, we didn’t find ny weird issues like overheating or improper working. So, for our experience, we would like to give prime weld TIG 225x a thumbs up.

So, if you think these incredible features and price range could serve you well, then buy it because you can never go wrong with this device.

Moreover, if you have any queries, you can ask in the comment section below. Also, we would love to know your experience with this device.