How To Break A Weld Without A Grinder?

Do you want to learn how to break a weld without a grinder? Does it seem a requirement in your new project or you want to learn this skill to boost your business?

If yes! In this article, we will tell you a step-by-step procedure of how you can turn your thingy into your expertise. Firstly, knowing how to weld is not so necessary in the welding industry.

However, learning how to undo it is what you need to learn. There could be a thousand reasons you want to break a weld; maybe you just messed up with the one or want that particular piece to use in another project. Therefore, sit back comfortably, continue reading to acknowledge your agenda, and learn how to break a weld without a grinder. So, let’s get started!

Basics Of Breaking A Weld

The undoing of welding relies upon different things. We observe the diversity of welding types, so this can be the reason we should undo welding from various methods. Usually, people break the welds with the help of plasma cutting, drills, or grinders. Moreover, when we weld two metals, they result in the hardiest bond ever.

This bond can be harder, even more than the metals. That’s why you can say that it’s not as easy as some people think to break welding; it’s not a piece of cake. Additionally, making a mistake is not a big deal but never trying to overcome that mistake is a matter that you should focus on. When you have kicked off with the new project, there are high chances that you will make mistakes, and in this case, breaking a weld without a grinder seems the only option.

The application of powerful force can undo a weld for sure, but the force is directly proportional to the type of weld you want to break. Now here comes a choice whether you want to break it mechanically or thermally, the ball is in your court when it comes to deciding the type of method.

Well, moving forward, the following are the methods from which you can learn how to break a weld without a grinder.

1) Thermal Method

  • The usage of heat comes in this method.
  • You need to be friendly with the heat.
  • The breaking of a weld is under high pressure.
  • The tools used in this method are oxy-acetylene torches or plasma cutters.

Let’s dive deep into what’s plasma cutting and torch cutting:

Plasma Cutting

In this type of breaking welds, electric conductors are required along with the accelerated jet of hot plasma. The direct current is essential to make an arc up to 20,000°C. The reason for the production of heat is the tiny air hole (which is also called nozzle) containing pressure, resulting in the formation of heat.

Plasma cutting is also named a time saver as the speed helps the person to get done with the work more quickly. The thickness of the material doesn’t matter unless you know the plasma cutting method. There aren’t any side effects of applying this method, nor does it emits out any toxicants that can be harmful to you. It is the most affordable method than the rest.

Torch Cutting

The breaking of welds through this method is avoided due to its dangerous ingredients combined to form a cutter. These things include acetylene torches used to unite acetylene with oxygen which brings about flames at extremely high temperatures, which can be 3500°C.

Get started with marking a line with a pen or marker at the place from where you want to break it. The next step goes in a way that makes the torch burst into flames. Undoubtedly the fine-tunning of the arch is obligatory before getting started with the line we had drawn. It is far more like a snap to use; in addition to this, the equipment is reasonable and easy to carry.

2) The Mechanical Methods

  • Completely different from thermal methods.
  • We don’t use the equipment here.
  • Everything is done manually.
  • The method includes cutting, grinding, and drilling.

There are multiple options that you can use. The main factor is your need and choice, as we have provided you with some methods that can help you break the weld without a grinder. By following the below-mentioned ways, you will learn the advanced breaking method of a weld without the usage of a grinder.

Steps To Follow

  1. Start the procedure by marking the line on the specific area or point where you want to break the metal. Certainly, there is no need for particular tools; you can do it with a pencil or marker.
  2. Make the metal stand firm. Also, make sure to keep in mind that if during cutting, it moves, the whole phase will be broken, and then it might result in the wrong cutting. Besides, you can secure the metal with the help of clamps and vices.
  3. Simultaneously, while using a plasma cutter, the connectivity of the power cord is a necessity; as soon as you are done with connecting the power cord, immediately turn on the torch. Keep a check that the compressor is turned on or not. Then set the flames according to your need.
  4. Move the equipment which you are using along the line you drew. Don’t rush, be calm and slowly move the tool on the line; make sure to avoid any mistakes at first. Make sure not to keep dragging the tool on the same spot. Repeat this process until the metal breaks.
  5. After some time, you will notice that the weld is broken successfully, and you did it without a grinder. One more thing, turn off your devices and tools after their usage and leave the material for the cooling procedure. The heat from tools can be dangerous, so handling the material will not be a good option until it cools down.

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What Are The Reasons For Horrible Welding?

You might get perplexed sometimes that if you are giving your best, the choice of tools is on point but still, what’s the reason for bad welding? The answer is that when everything is looking good, many environmental factors do affect the welding. For example, the air can cause interruptions in the welding process; the same goes for excessive heat.

The heat can cause cracks in the weld. Additionally, human errors are common; there are fewer chances that we are doing everything perfectly from our side. Moreover, there are possibilities that we might miss out on some instructions. Let’s say if you have mistakenly created a mess during welding; the problem needs to be identified within a short span.

Correction of the problem is obligate as soon as possible to avoid any further damage. Following are some more reasons for bad welding.

  • Make sure to check the tools that there isn’t any leakage of gases.
  • Setting the speed high during the breaking of a piece.
  • Sometimes, the improper gun angle can make you dire in straits.
  • The untidy base material can also be a trouble maker for you.

Which Method Can Be Beneficial For You?

Deciding on the method that proves to satisfy your requirements completely depends upon the metal you are using and how far it needs the power and heat to break it. In case of undoing a weld, the most important thing to notice is the base material.

Most of the time, welding ends in damaging one piece of metal, and that’s why people now are searching for various processes to get the welding done without any harm to the metal. The metal file can fix this issue. Undoubtedly, Aluminum is the hardest metal to break. If you got the project to undo a weld in Aluminum, it could be a nightmare.

Before getting started with the drill, there are knit points you need to consider, such as physical and chemical properties. It is like putting effort even to decide what temperature to choose for the melting of Aluminum. TIG welding might work here. Apart from this, never think of buying any tool because it is cheap; remember buying cheap means buying twice.

Some other ways to break a weld:

  1. Cutoff wheels
  2. Chop saws
  3. Hack saws


Bringing it to an end, breaking a weld depends upon the metal’s size, bonding, and massiveness. Making mistakes is common during welding. In such cases, experts prefer the plasma cutting or angle grinder. Plasma goes well with smaller objects. Instead of letting go of the project just because you don’t know the skill isn’t fair.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. We would suggest going for the method that suits your style and what you think is best for you. Before spending money, do brainstorming. We have provided you with some processes and methods that can prove to be the finest and satisfactory for you. Now, you can easily break a weld without using a grinder. We hope you are clear with your motive after reading this article!

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